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Break free from the overtime trap and live the life that you deserve.

Beyond the uniform, Priority One Financial Coaching is committed to the financial wellness of law enforcement and their families.


As the wife of a Sheriff's Deputy, I understand how important it is to have allies in your corner.

I also understand how important it is to have your finances in order because it's the last thing our law enforcement officers need to worry about while on the streets. Financial stress shouldn't be the reason our officers work around the clock and it shouldn't be added stress to the support system at home. This livelihood is challenging enough as it is, so I want to help you reach clarity with your finances so you can thrive professionally and personally.



How would it feel, to have no doubt in your mind, that you are setting up a strong financial foundation for your family and your future?

Getting clear about personal finances is crucial to the success of a family and the success of an individual. It's not enough to just "think" your finances are on track, you need to KNOW. So what does financial clarity actually look like? 

Financial clarity is having safeguards in place to protect you and your family in a worst-case scenario...

It is knowing that every dollar you spend is in line with your goals and priorities...

And breaking the cycle of trying to outwork what you're spending.

Financial clarity is planning for the future while still being able to enjoy your present.

If you're ready to get clear about your personal finances, I'm here to help.

Trained by the FCA

I completed the Financial Coach Academy, the industry’s leading financial coach training program, in April 2023. The Academy is like an MBA for financial coaches and I'm proud to continuously serve my clients by being a student of my craft. By completing the Academy, I have demonstrated my commitment to expanding my education, serving my clients, and growing my coaching business. 

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Thanks for your interest in Priority One Financial Coaching. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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