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Let's Get Clear

The Financial Clarity Program (FCP) is a 6-month starter program to get you clear about your personal finances.

The FCP will include:


  • 4-weekly 1-hour sessions 

  • 10-BiWeekly 1.5-hour sessions

  • 2/15-minute phone sessions per month (total of 12 sessions)

  • Unlimited coaching via email

With the FCP you will:

  • Explore, understand & transform your money mindset

  • Create a working budget that reflects your goals & priorities

  • Receive a personalized debt analysis & spend-down plan

  • Track the growth of your net worth with before and after snapshots

  • Build a savings plan that sets you up for the future, while allowing you to live in the present

  • Establish financial goals & develop the strategies to reach them

  • Receive progress reports as financial milestones are met

  • Build confidence in your own financial decision making

  • Break the cycle of trying to outwork your spending

  • Cultivate a foundation of financial stability

To get started, schedule your Discovery Session today!

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