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With a simple, but a very big, "What If?".

If you're a law enforcement family, you know the exact "what if" I'm talking about. Six months into my second pregnancy, my husband, a sheriff's deputy, and I realized we needed to make some drastic changes to our personal finances. We realized that if something happened to him, our two daughters and I would be left with a financial mess to clean up, and only half the income to do it with.

We had gotten into that cycle that many law enforcement families get themselves into. That overtime & spending cycle, where you spend money because you CAN work overtime and then you HAVE to work overtime to keep up with the spending. Been there, done that.

We hit the ground running. Prioritized our debt and created a spend down plan, got ourselves on a zero-sum budget, made sure we had a adequate life insurance policy in place, and never looked back.

Seven months into our journey we were able to spend down almost half our debt, cash flow my maternity leave (3 months), operate a successful monthly budget, create a savings plan that turns "everyday emergencies" into minor inconveniences, have enough life insurance to pay off our house if something happened to either of us and legitimately cultivate a feeling of peace when it comes to our finances.

I knew at that point, that I wanted to help other families get their personal finances on track. And more specifically, I wanted to help Law Enforcement families, because we're faced with a very unique set of circumstances that surround our finances. 

Our Law Enforcement Officers face enough stress on the job. The stress related to mismanagement of personal finances shouldn't add to that already heavy load they carry each day. I can help you, and your LEO, free up that mental space so they can stay diligent on the job. 

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Blue Smoke


May 8, 2022

Rebecca Jameson, a financial coach, and wife of a police officer, Alan Sanchez, talks about the importance of first responders, getting their financial matters in order…

Learning from her situation, Rebecca shares;

  • Budget tips

  • The importance of life insurance

And other advice that law enforcement and first responders can use, but that anyone can use.

Trained by the FCA

I completed the Financial Coach Academy, the industry’s leading financial coach training program, in April 2023. The Academy is like an MBA for financial coaches and I'm proud to continuously serve my clients by being a student of my craft. By completing the Academy, I have demonstrated my commitment to expanding my education, serving my clients, and growing my coaching business. 

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