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This 16-page workbook is the exact process I use to master my own budget and make it work for me. It's everything you'll need to know to bulletproof your own budget.

I'll walk you through, step-by-step, how to set up your budget, how to work it, and what pitfalls to look out for so you build a successful financial plan each month.

You'll even receive a bonus section on how to effectively structure your savings.

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Every now and then we need to hit the reset button on our finances. This can happen after the holidays, during a particularly busy season, or maybe you just need to check back in with yourself and strengthen your priorities. Whatever the reason, use this guide to help you reset your finances so they better reflect the life you want to lead.

Let's Reset!


In collaboration with Law Enforcement & Family Life on Instagram, we've developed this free resource to help you learn how to recognize, understand and resolve stress triggers such as: role strain, communication, personal finances and time management.

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One of my biggest challenges that clients face is the idea that the holidays (and the cost associated with them) "sneak up" on them. Here's the thing, the holidays happen at the same time every year. They do not "sneak up" on us, we just don't adequately plan for them.

Being a working mom of two girls under four, I understand how chaotic the holidays can be. I see why we get that feeling of the "sneak up". However, the sooner we make a plan for this extremely busy time, the better it's going to be for our mental health, our relationships, and our overall experiences of the holiday season. 

That's why I developed the SMART Holiday tracker. It's a free resource I have available on my website that helps you plan and manage your money going into the holiday season. 

Download the SMART Holiday Tracker below or click the image above for additional SMART Holiday Tips for staying intentional and organized with your money this holiday season.

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